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Subject Information Service

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  As a new information service model, Subject information service is based on the subject librarian’s service, with the support of platform of National Science Library and National Information Service. It aims at offering flexible service for institutes and scientific research units and groups. Fully considering the needs of scientific researchers, the service supports independent and innovation research with subject, knowledge and personalized services according to the principle of “be available at the first line and embed into the process”. The team of Subject Librarians in Wuhan Branch Library consists of senior professional titles, doctors, masters, having the ability of offering knowledge service in various science disciplines.

  The main contents of subject information service:

  (1)Carry out targeted training to improve the users' information literacy, including activities held in the institutions of centralized trainings for graduate students, and the personalized guidance for experts and scholars of different levers in the institute. The training includes introduction of subject information resources, library services, database using methods, information analysis tools, information management tools, subject informatics analysis methods ,etc;

  (2) Timely answer all kinds of information and consultation issues raised by the users;

  (3)Carry out information retrieval and fixed subject tracking service according to the needs of scientific research;

  (4)Cooperate with the course of scientific research project application, scientific institution development strategy, institution development, research and development of new technology, providing subject informatics services, including the competitiveness of research institutions, analysis of disciplines trend, analysis of industrial technology, patented technology analysis, output analysis of scientific research institutions, etc, providing customized services and products based on the specific needs of scientific users;

  (5)Build personalized information platform for the institute of library and research groups according to their needs.

  The mode of subject information service:

  (1) The subject librarians go deep into scientific research units to offer field service, and the users also can make an appointment with the corresponding subject librarians to make a door-to-door service;

  (2) Online real-time reference: providing online real-time consulting services on Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm;

  Service Address:

  (3) Form consulting: The subject librarians will answer the questions which you filled in the form, and send the answers to your mailbox within three working days;

  Service Address:

  (4)Email, QQ, MSN, and other services (please contact with the corresponding subject specialist librarian of the disciplines or institutions)

  (5) Telephone consulting and booking service:

  Tel: 027-87197630    Contact: Yuewei Wu , Yinjie Li

  (6)Get into the library for consulting: Please go to the department of information service of Wuhan Branch Library for help, which is on the 3rd floor;

  (7)We would appreciate you to read the part of “answer browsing/retrieval” or “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” on our website to find if it’s possible to solve your questions before consulting us;

  Welcome to send your opinions and suggestions to the mail:

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