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  Wuhan branch library offers service for graduate students as follows:

  (1)Improve the service of graduate IC rooms continuously. IC Rooms are set up in accordance with the conception of Information Commons for the graduate students of Wuhan Branch, where individual search, group discussions, reference services, and leisure reading are brought together to offer a rich, live, and integrative learning environment. Currently, there are ten thousand volumes of books of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1500 kinds of science and technology journals and over 300 kinds of popular newspapers which can be read randomly. In addition, 10 brand new computers in the network service area are not only available for searching dozens of network database resources, but also available for surfing the web and writing papers.Various professional software which are installed on the computers could meet a variety of research needs,too.

  (2)Carry out various types of services for graduate students training seminars, mainly including: freshmen information resources training activities, videos, or on-site trainings which are covering topics such as information retrieval techniques, professional software use, scientific research, life planning, etc, are held by the National Science Library several times a month, and the Lecturers are almost senior librarians, institute experts, foreign experts, and enterprise executives. Subject librarians often go to the institutes to carry out trainings of information retrieval, software use to solving problems, and provide personalized advice for graduate research and retrieval services.

  (3)Carry out a wide range of cultural activities, such as discussions of graduate students, activities of organizing graduate students choosing books, activities of organizing book fairs, English Corners, and exhibitions, etc.

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