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China Science and Technology Network Wuhan Center

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  China Science and Technology Network Wuhan Center is the general node of Wuhan, which is authorized by the China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET). Wuhan Center accepts the guidance of China Science and Technology Network in Internet business, divides administratively attached to Wuhan Documentation and Information Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences(Wuhan Branch of National Science Library, CAS), and bears the research network operation and management of China Science and Technology Network in Wuhan.

  Main responsibilities:

  1, network operation of Science and Technology Network in Wuhan

  As Wuhan general node of China Science and technology network, Wuhan Center will be based on the management requirements and regulations of China Science and Technology Network, computer room construction in strict accordance with the standards for the construction of telecommunication machine room, will use automation management system and imports of large capacity UPS system in power, air conditioning, temperature and humidity monitoring and fire facilities, to provide users with reliable, safe, stable and professional operation of the network environment, to ensure that the China Science and Technology Network is running in the stability of the access units in Wuhan .Wuhan Center has a wealth of network service and management devices, which can provide a barrier-free, high-speed, safe working and research environment for the  users of Wuhan region.

  2, network construction and upgrade                

  China Science and Technology NetworkWuhan Center is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of Wuhan area, and is responsible for upgrading the network in a timely manneraccording to the needs of customers .At present, Wuhan Center has accessed Beijing Center of China Science and Technology Network by 2.5G high-speed, which could promote information technology in Wuhan of scientific research needs and Chinese Academy of Sciences related units support services docking.

  3, technical support

  Over the years, Wuhan Center has trained numerous high level network services and managementpersonnel. Based on its own network service management and research and development experience, it tracks the latest development of international Internet technology, and bears the relevant research and development work and the relevant national research project.


  Major service project:

  China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET) is the China Internet Network Information Center (NIC) and the Domain Management Center, which is managing and operating the Chinese top-level domain name CN, and responsible for China's Internet IP distribution. China Science and Technology Network Wuhan Center is overall responsible for management of China Science and Technology Network in Wuhan general node, to provide network and information service for the community.

  1, China Science and Technology Network access

  Rich access products can satisfy different choices of different users. Currently, it supports ETHERNET (Ethernet), FIBER (optical fiber), and multiple access methods, and is available from the 100M to the 1000M multiple access level.

  2, network technology consulting and project designing

  Science and technology network has long-term network planning, construction, operation, as well as the strength of the CERNET team of experts, not only has the prospective research ability, but also a large number of engineering practice experience. It has IPv4, IPv6 network convergence of the high-end technology, participates in the next generation Internet CNGI project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and bears IPv6 experimental network design, construction work of Wuhan. It accumulates a wealth of solutions, to provide customers with a full web design, software development, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of integrated services.

  3, website construction

  Network Management Center of Science and technology in Wuhan has long been engaged in website construction, and has many years of experience in webpage design and website design to meet various types of customer needs. From site planning to the website development, we can provide the perfect solution.

  4, network maintenance and hosting

  Based on more than 10 years science and technology network maintenance experience, senior professional engineers can provide a full range of 7 x 24 hours of professional technical support , including the common server, computer room equipment maintenance, network real time monitoring and the network equipment troubleshooting .

  7 x 24 hour network monitoring, server running status, traffic monitoring

  7 x 24 hour system management and technical support

  7 x 24 hour emergency troubleshooting services, effective emergency response procedures, response time is less than 15 minutes

  5, system software development

  Long been engaged in the development of Software Products, mainly including: Information portal system, content management system and the literature information system with information retrieval function. It can provide comprehensive information service and documentation service, and have strong outsourcing capabilities to undertake related products, software development and business process.

  Integrated information system: to provide users with an integrated information and interactive services and personalized portal system, making full use of information resources at the same time, to achieve the third side open resources integration services, and through the platform to establish good interaction mechanism, and based on different needs, provide personalized organization and use of information resources and the service function.

  Content management system: Focus involves in Web content management, document management, collaboration management, knowledge management, portals management and so on, and integrated them into the user content management platform.

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