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East Lake High-tech Development Zone Leadership Examined the Optics Valley Biological City Information Center of Wuhan Branch Library

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April 12th, Lifeng Zhao, deputy director of the bureau of finance, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, examined the related project of Wuhan Branch Library (WBL), and was warmly received by Hong Jiang, director of Operational Office, WBL. Hong Jiang introducedinformation literacy training,novelty, industry analysis at all levels and information services to Zhao, these service was all carried out by the WBL forOptical Valley Biomedical Industry. Then Jiang accompanied them to visit the reading room and office area of Optics Valley Biological City Information Center of WBL.Zhao, deputy director, affirmed the progress of the Optics Valley Biological City Information Center project,he believed that first-class industrial R & D must have a first-class information and intelligence supporting, rich source of information which was offered by the Biological City Information Center, could play an important role in supporting the development of the Biological City.He hoped that the Optics Valley Biological City Information Center will further focus on the biological City information required, and carry out various information services, information and knowledge services to make biological City a brand, the development zone will also give active support on the project.

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