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Department of Information Technology

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Department of information technology of Wuhan Branch Library, which is responsible for overall organization and guidance ofWuhan Branch of National Science Library information construction work, existing 7 full-time staff, including two associate research librarians, five librarians, is a strong research and development(R&D) capabilities of information systems research, development and service team.

Department of information technology is responsible for information technology supporting functions of Wuhan Branch of National Science Library ,providing safe, reliable, stable information technology platform for the various operations of the whole library; responsible for the formulation and implementation of Wuhan Branch libraries network information infrastructure development planning; responsible for a number of network information system, subject information portal and thematic database development and construction; responsible for the scientific and technological knowledge of environmental systems research and development and construction tasks; providing information network platform for the operations of various departments of the Wuhan Branch. supporting the safe and reliable operation of the Wuhan Branch network system, integrated library information systems, digital libraries, and office automation system units, responsible for the content of NSTL East Lake service station, VIP mirror, Wanfang and CNKI mirrors and other system management and maintenance,assuming the deployment of the ARP program and technical supporting work, and providing technological service to the outside

Department of information technology undertakes a number of digital library technology R&D projects, and makes every effort to enhance our library, our academy information technology application level,mainly in the following aspects to develop the information service system construction: knowledge of science and technology environment construction; academy integrated information platform development and construction; subject service information technology application, etc.

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