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Wuhan Branch Library Promoted the Group Knowledge Platform Projects of Purple Mountain Observatory

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On July 3, 2012, Dajun Li, the subject librarian of Wuhan Branch of National Science Library, went to Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing to carry out knowledge service for the five subject group platforms and achieved good results. SongYi, person in charge of the Purple Mountain Observatory Library and Information, related disciplines secretaries, some researchers and Wenge Zhou, who was from the Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology, attended the training.

On the training meeting, Dajun Li made a presentation entitled: “The IIP-group platform operating tips”on how to build the framework of the disciplinary platform, layout and content embedded. Her speech was warmly welcomed by the group members and related researchers. The participants had also reached the following consensus on the construction of the platform: platform focused on the style of the show team, research strength and discipline knowledge-sharing service. Five subject groups of the Purple Mountain Observatory decided to unify integrated three blocks of information, namely "group information", "information exchange ", "resources and services", to reflect team construction, scientific research and literature data, dynamic, subject letters, etc.

Disciplinary group integrated knowledge service platform for sustainable capacity-building project was an important part of the "12th Five-Year Construction Plan” of Chinese Academy of Sciences Library, and one important measure to enhance the protection of research and first-line information service. Wuhan Branch Library made use of knowledge services to boost the integration of knowledge service platform construction of the five disciplines of the Purple Mountain Observatory group, and platform construction of the subject groups as an opportunity to build embedded in scientific research and the front line of service mechanism, drove the Nanjing Branch of the Institute of Library and all the group attempt to build a platform of subject groups, and had laid a good foundation for future applications for more hospital-level projects and research institutes to carry out collaborative cooperation.

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