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Subject Librarian of Wuhan Branch Library Attended “Precision Measurement of Physics” Seminar

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On May 14th and 15th, the subject librarian Yinjie Li, as a member of the project team, participated in the “precision measurement of physical” seminar held in Wuhan. The meeting discussed the scientific connotation of precision measurement of physics, development tendency of precision measurement of physics, crossover between precision measurement of physics and other subjects, and related basic physical problems and technical methods. Nearly one hundred academicians and experts engaged in precision measuring physical and overseas Chinese scholars, who were from the institutes of Chinese Academy of Science, universities, the armed forces, and the China Institute of Metrology, attended the meeting.

As a member of the project team of National Natural Science Foundation, Yinjie Li, the subject librarian of Wuhan Branch, made a report on the document research of precision measurement in the meeting. From the aspects of annual changes of issued volume and research topics, key institutions issuing quantity comparison, she reported the development tendency of precision measurement of physics, research focus, research priorities, research frontier, and the participants were all deeply concerned about her report. That was also an important manifestation of the knowledge services of subject librarian of Wuhan Branch library.

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