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Dr. Wei Attended the Seminar of Standardization of CCS

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On the 25th, April, Feng Wei, the doctor of Wuhan Branch of National Science Library (WBNSL), was invited to attend the seminar of standardization of carbon capture and storage. The seminar was held by the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), which is the joint secretariat of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Committee (CCSTC) of International Organization for Standardization. The responsibilities, plans and development orientation of CCSTC were discussed with emphasis in the seminar. The participants included leaders and experts from National Development and Reform Committee, Standardization Administration of PRC, CNIS, CAS, Tianjin University, Peking University, etc. As an expert on standard information, Dr. Wei made some useful suggestions in the seminar, and pointed out that standardization played an important part on the overcoming of technology barriers, promotion of technology innovation, improving of industry competence and so on. Standard Analysis and Research Team of Wuhan Branch Library actively carried out service work, including the monitoring on standard information, acquisition of key standard technology and deep analysis and the strategy of standardization.
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